eForge 3D Printer

Design and print fully-functional electronic components with the world’s first multi-material electronics 3D printer.
Build volume:
10.75" x 7.85" x 11.80"
XYZ resolution:
Down to 20 Microns
Build speed:
< 80 mm³ /s
Print technology:
Fused Deposition Modeling

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The eForge and Design Cauldron design software make it easy to start designing and printing electronics. Additionally, our Design Community gives makers all over the world a place to share, download, and discuss designs and applications.

Powerful Performance

Use up to 8 different materials simultaneously with fully independent extruders allowing for a massive range of printing capabilities.

Never lose a project with automatic pausing if a filament runs out and automatic data saving should power be lost for any reason.

Plus, industry-leading build volume means fewer limits and greater freedom to design and print what you want.
The Electronic Alchemy eForge is the first 3D printing system capable of producing functional electronics.

Limitless Possibilities

Science fiction has become science fact. 

Imagine a world where you can 3D print phones, watches, and other electronic devices in a matter of hours. This is the future of a world with Electronic Alchemy.

The eForge is able to print all six elements necessary for functional electronics in a limitless arrangement of shapes and functions. Your imagination is the only limit.

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