The eForge Version 1.0 Prototype Has Arrived


We have been hard at work over the last few months getting the first prototype of our version 1.0 eForge printer built and ready for testing. While we have built and tested earlier versions of the printer, including delivering the version 0.6 to NASA at the end of June, the version 1.0 will be our first commercially available printer, which will be going on pre-sale on October 1st.

As we begin testing, we will have more images and some video as well of the printer in action. Here we'll walk you through the prototype, and the various elements that make up the printer.

eForge Prototype Walkthrough

Primary front view with magnetic doors closed

Above is the general, broad view of the printer, which shows all of the primary elements. This includes the moveable, heated platform bed (front and center) the extruder block (top right) and the LCD touch screen. (top center)

The extruder block on the eForge features 8 extruders that allow for simultaneous printing of up to 8 different materials with independently controlled temperatures up to 300C.

The print bed on the eForge is auto-leveling and can heat to 120C and achieve a Z-axis accuracy of 1.35 microns. The surface of the print bed is plate glass.

The back of the printer is where up to 8 spools of filament material can be attached. Each filament spool is independently controlled and linked to an individual extruder.

Prototype Testing & Refinement

We are going to be testing this prototype of the version 1.0 printer through the month of July. We will be testing its capabilities with a number of different tests including printing of complete circuit boards and sensors.

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